Weekly Fixtures

Last Updated: 16/09/2019



Saturday, September 14th

U/7 Boys
St Itas v Broadford Utd 11.30am
Abbeyfeale Utd v Rathkeale 12 noon

U/9 Boys
Abbeyfeale Utd A v Broadford Utd 10am
Ballingarry v Abbeyfeale Utd B 11.30am

U10 Girls Group 2
Ballingarry v Broadford Utd 11.30am

Tuesday, September 17th (all games at 6.30pm)

U/13 Boys Cup (et & pens)
Granagh Utd v Newcastle West Town T Fitzmaurice
Abbeyfeale Utd v Shountrade J Roche

Wednesday, September 18th

U/16 Div 2
Askeaton v Athea Utd 6pm

Saturday, September 21st

U/8 Girls
Broadford Utd A v Shannonside 10am
Creeves Cel v Newcastle West Town 11.30am
Rathkeale v Kildimo Utd 11.30am
Breska Rvs v Broadford Utd B 11.30am

U/8 Boys Group 1 Single
Newcastle West Town v Killeaney 2.30pm (in Demesne)
Feenagh v Abbeyfeale Utd 10am
Pallaskenry v Athea Utd 12.30pm
Creeves Cel v Ferry Rngs 2.30pm

U/8 Boys Group 1 Dual
Newcastle West Town v GB Rvs 12 noon (in Woodfield)
Carrig Cel v Broadford Utd 2.30pm

U/8 Boys Group 2 Dual
Breska Rvs v Kilcolman Rvs 2.30pm
Glantine v AK Utd 11.30am
Shannonside v Shountrade 11.30am (in Shanagolden)
Askeaton v Kildimo Utd 2.30pm

U/10 Boys Group 1 Single
Carrig Cel v Athea Utd 10am
Mountcollins v Glantine 11.30am
Killeaney v Ferry Rngs 2.30pm

U/10 Boys Group 2 Single
Pallaskenry v Creeves Cel 10.30am
Kilcolman Rvs v Newcastle West Town 1.30pm
Ballingarry v Askeaton 2pm

U10 Boys Group 1 Dual
GB Rvs v Abbeyfeale Utd 11.30am (Ballyhahill)
Newcastle West Town v Rathkeale 10am
Shannonside v Broadford Utd 2.30pm (in Shanagolden)

U10 Boys Group 2 Dual
Kildimo Utd v Breska Rvs 11.30am
Feenagh v St Itas 2.30pm
Shountrade v AK Utd 11.30am

U/12 Boys National Cup (et & pens)
Herberstown v Broadford Utd 2pm
Granagh Utd v Shannon Town 2pm S Harnett
AK Utd v Charleville 11.30am L O Connor (in Kilcornan)

U/14 Boys National Cup (et & pens)
Granagh Utd v Pike Rvs 11.30am S Hartnett
Mungret Regional v AK Utd 1pm
Abbeyfeale Utd v Lifford 2pm J Roche
Newcastle West Town v St Brendan’s Park 12 noon D Wallace (in Demesne)
Newport Town v Broadford Utd 11am

U/14 Boys Div 2
Kilcolman Rvs v Athea Utd 11.30am W Fitzgerald

U14 Boys Div 3
Carrig Cel v Askeaton 11.30am M Noonan
Feenagh v Shannonside 12 noon A Kelly

U/16 Boys National Cup (et & pens)
Castle Utd v Kildimo Utd 2pm
Kilorglin v Broadford Utd 4pm
Newcastle West Town v Nenagh 2pm G O Connor (in Woodfield)
Ballingarry v Aisling Annacotty B 11.30am P O Connor

U/12 Girls Cup (et & pens)
Abbeyfeale Utd v Ballingarry 11.45am J Roche
Broadford Utd v Rathkeale 2.30pm A Kelly

U12 Girls Div 2
Kildimo Utd v AK Utd 1.30pm T Fitzpatrick
Askeaton v Shannonside 11.30am E Noonan
Glantine v Kilcolman Rvs 2.30pm P O Donnell

U/16 Girls Cup (et & pens)
Ballingarry v Abbeyfeale Utd 4pm P King

U16 Girls Div 1
Shannonside v Askeaton 11.30am P O Brien (in Horgan Park)

U16 Girls Div 1 Plate (et & pens)
Kilcolman Rvs v Rathkeale 1.30pm S Behan
Broadford Utd v Kildimo Utd 12 noon P O Donnell

Sunday, September 22nd (Referees & times tbc)

U/16 Boys Div 2
GB Rvs v Askeaton (in Ballyhahill)
Athea Utd v Pallaskenry

U/16 Boys Div 2 Plate
Feenagh v Breska Rvs

Monday, September 23rd
U/13 Boys 3rd/4th Place Play Off (et & pens)
Shountrade v Newcastle West Town 6.15pm T Fitzmaurice